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Dental Hygiene: How to Care for Your Baby’s Teeth

What is a child's tooth count? Count how many there are… 8? 16? 20? Do you believe it's 52? This may sound unbelievable, yet it is true. By birth, all 20 baby (primary) teeth and a few adult (permanent) teeth have formed. By the age of three, nearly all of the 32 permanent teeth have emerged. What's more, there are many s...

Orthodontic Braces – Top Ten Myths

Because there is so much information on orthodontic braces on the Internet, patients frequently come into my clinic with a lot of preconceived notions about braces. Nonetheless, what they have heard from friends or read on the internet is not necessarily correct. The following are the top ten misconceptions regarding braces...

3 Month Braces – Are They Really Effective?

We place a high value on our teeth. We wouldn't be able to break down our meals into smaller bits for more efficient digestion if we didn't have them. Aside from that, our teeth are visible when we smile, therefore they must be clean and attractive. Some people, unfortunately, do not have a healthy set of teeth. This could...

The art of brushing your teeth

Making Use of the Proper Tools Make use of an excellent toothbrush: Select a toothbrush with nylon bristles that are gentle. This must properly remove plaque and deb...

9 Misconceptions About Dental Health Answered

It is critical to maintain good dental health. There are numerous false ideas and practises concerning oral and dental health, all of which have a harmful impact on dental health. Here are a few examples of false beliefs:...

The Teeth That Looked For A New Mouth

Dental restoration involves the repair of seriously damaged natural teeth as well as the replacement of missing teeth. Among the procedures are: CrownsColored fillings for teethOverpassesDent...

Why You Should Replace Your Old Dentures

In an ideal world, we would never have cavities, gum disease, or lose a tooth. Even then, the world might not be ideal, but we wouldn't have such difficulties. Unfortunately, many people...

Foods That Are Bad For Your Teeth

This is the first in a two-part article on the impact of meals on our teeth. Part One will go over foods that are thought to be bad for your teeth, and Part Two will go over foods that can really help you rebuild them....