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Causes of Missing Teeth in Adulthood, From A to Z

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Missing teeth in adulthood are caused by two major factors. Periodontitis, the most prevalent cause of tooth loss in seniors, arises when too much plaque accumulates around the gum line and in between teeth and is the leading cause of tooth loss.

Some people with missing teeth most likely had a tooth extracted at the dentist‘s office (possibly owing to periodontitis) or were involved in a traumatic event that knocked out a tooth or several teeth. Fortunately, you may avoid the major cause of missing teeth by practising good oral hygiene; the rest is up to you and fate.

To avoid edentulism (total loss of permanent teeth), check the A-Z guide below for a list of things that need to be addressed:

Avulsed Teeth

This category includes everything from dental extractions to falling off a skateboard. In this circumstance, a missing tooth is the result of either intentional removal or unintentional loss.

Bone Loss

When cavities go untreated, the foundation where your teeth are anchored deteriorates. Periodontitis is a major cause of tooth decay and bone loss, which leads to adult tooth loss.

Cavities and Caries – Dental caries, often known as cavities, are caused by periodontitis. Brush and floss everyday, and keep your mouth clean between meals, to avoid missing teeth later in life.


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there may be a link between diabetes and tooth loss. The CDC is yet unable to specify the exact causes of missing teeth in this population, but statistics show that diabetics are 1.46 times more likely than non-diabetics to require dental extractions.

The study of economics Poor nutrition and a lack of fluoride cause a weakened dental structure, which leads to periodontitis, which leads to cavities and, eventually, a missing tooth or two.

Flossing Tricks

Brushing, chewing gum, and rinsing are great, but flossing daily is essential for preventing periodontitis and missing teeth.

Gingivitis is the first stage of periodontitis. Is there anything further to say?

Periodontitis symptoms include halitosis. A number of missing teeth combined with halitosis makes it difficult to live a normal life. Maintaining good dental hygiene will keep both at bay.

Eating disorders or gastrointestinal problems such as acid reflux disease provide acid to your mouth, which promotes the growth of cavities.

Jaw Jarring

Trauma to the jaw or mouth in general. This one falls under the category of missing teeth caused by avulsion.

Kick Ups and Rumbles

Yet another missing tooth caused by avulsion. However, avoid these for the sake of your overall health, not just to avoid tooth decay. Also, refrain from referring to every physical altercation as a kick up or a rumble, as these archaic terminology may cause some bruiser to rush an otherwise more normal pace for replacing missing teeth.


Let’s face it, the longer you live, the more likely you are to have adult teeth that are missing.

Methamphetamines and Medications

Methamphetamines are not only addictive and harmful, but they also cause a foul taste in the mouth. Medications, including prescription drugs, alcohol, and tobacco, can cause your mouth to dry out, reducing saliva production.

Saliva contains natural teeth cleaning chemicals, and a clean mouth protects adult teeth from missing out.

Carbohydrates cause plaque acid accumulation and deterioration in the mouth. Too much plaque and insufficient cleaning result in tooth loss, missing dental problems.

Who knew about oral piercings?

Replacing missing teeth because your previous stud, hoop, or other decoration shattered a tooth or inflamed the gums is a pain.


According to the American Dental Association, good nutrition minimises bone loss; frequent snacking and high hormone levels may induce gingivitis (ADA). Most women survive with no missing teeth at the end of the procedure.

Quarrels, Quarrels, and Quarrels

Okay, it may appear that we’re really getting close. (I’m sure you can’t wait for X, Y, and Z!) Stress and nervousness, on the other hand, cause tooth grinding, which gradually breaks down dental structure. If cavities necessitate extraction, file these under missing teeth owing to avulsion.

Failed Root Canal

According to the studies, this operation has a 95% success rate. However, sometimes the sealing material deteriorates over time, or unnoticed flaws allow re-infection, resulting in missing teeth later on.

Sports & Soda

If you play sports, wear the proper safety equipment to avoid tooth loss. If you’re spectating (not a real word, we checked), rinse your lips after drinking carbohydrate-laden beverages to avoid mirroring your favourite hockey player’s gaping grin.


According to a National Institute of Health research (which only included male health professionals), smoking five to fourteen cigarettes per day increases the chances of tooth loss. Missing teeth as a result of pipe and cigar smoking raised tooth loss rates by 20%. Findings between smokeless tobacco and missing teeth continue to elude researchers.


Although tooth loss due to mouth ulcers is uncommon, the ulcer may signify Gingivostomatitis – a viral infection of the mouth – or a variety of other disorders. Canker sores that are persistent, recurring, or very large require medical attention.


Please check Nutrition and Intestinal Issues for more information on how these may pertain to your missing tooth or teeth.

Bottled Water

Although most American municipalities fluoridate their water supply, bottled water often has fewer minerals. Without fluoride, teeth soften, increasing the risk of decay and tooth loss.


A technical name for chronic dry mouth or an inability to produce enough saliva. Xerostomia promotes cavity formation, which leads to tooth loss through periodontitis and/or extraction.


Missing teeth in a child’s grin are a normal part of growing up… unless the child loses teeth due to decay. In that situation, the youngster will need to develop improved oral hygiene practises in preparation for the eruption of permanent teeth.

ZZZ Have you already dozed off?

If not, keep an eye out for zoo breakouts where stampeding ungulates (yes, we got to use that phrase even though ulcers were more dentally relevant!) may seize on a chance to kick you in the teeth, resulting in avulsion! This brings us back full circle to the subject of missing teeth.

Please visit your dentist if you have any concerns about any of the aforementioned items and how they may cause or affect missing teeth, or if you need advice on restoring missing teeth.

When an adult is missing teeth, there are two basic explanations that may explain the most common missing tooth causes. To discover more, go to a dentist near me.

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