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  2. Saignement des gencives : les émotions piégées peuvent-elles provoquer des saignements des gencives ?

Saignement des gencives : les émotions piégées peuvent-elles provoquer des saignements des gencives ?

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In today’s environment, one’s image is really crucial. And when it comes to boosting or entirely modifying one’s image, there are a plethora of options to select from.

One’s clothing style, as well as the style and colour of their hair, can be modified. From here, one can alter their physical look by going to the gym or undergoing cosmetic or plastic surgery.

Blanchissement dentaire has also gained popularity in recent years. Another technique for people to improve their appearance is to change the colour of their teeth. Here, one can make their teeth a few shades lighter, resulting in a modest difference, or they can end up with incredibly white teeth.

The Ideal Smile

When someone speaks to another individual, their teeth will be visible. As a condition, it is only normal to wish to have healthy teeth. Having white teeth gives the appearance that one is clean and takes care of themselves.

When one smiles, they are more likely to feel more confident, and they also appear better. Because of the numerous advantages that may be obtained by having whiter teeth, it was only a matter of time before blanchissement dentaire became popular.

Making a Statement

If something is not used and remains in its original packaging, its look will not alter. That is, unless it is food, in which case it will deteriorate quickly. But, in general, when something is not used, it is protected for a long time.

Teeth, on the other hand, are frequently utilised and will thus be marked. Certain substances, such as cigarettes, coffee, tea, and alcohol, can have a greater impact than others.

Popular Alternatives

So, even if someone is aware that these things are harming their teeth, it does not follow that they will simply eliminate them from their lives. And if people can just change the colour of their teeth without having to give up coffee or tea, they might not bother.

And, in today’s society, where people frequently have high stress levels and low energy levels, they require something to improve how they feel. As a result of the ease with which these solutions are available, they are likely to be preferred.


However, just because one’s teeth appear to be in good condition does not imply that one’s gums are in good condition. And they can pain at times and bleed at other times. One may have just had bleeding gums, and this may be the first time it has occurred to them.

Others may have had previous experiences with bleeding gums; it may even be a way of life for them. They will naturally be concerned because they are all too familiar with this scenario.

Professional Guidance

In these situations, it is usually preferable to seek medical counsel and see what a skilled specialist recommends. From here, one can learn why their gums are bleeding and take the appropriate steps.

They may advise using a certain mouthwash for a set amount of time or until the health of one’s gums improves. One may be asked about what is going on in their emotional life, but they may not be.

Emotional Intelligence

While one may not be aware of how they feel, they will be aware of the tension in their body or what they are unable to stop doing. And when one’s emotions are not confronted and instead pushed out of one’s awareness, they can cause bodily pain and addictive behaviour, among other things.

Anger, for example, might be felt in one’s hands and mouth. If this anger is not felt, it can cause a tingling sensation in one’s hands and their gums to become tense.

The Development

This fury may first cause one’s gums to feel tense, but as the energy increases, it might cause one’s gums to bleed. And, as anger grows, it can transform into rage, which can have an even more powerful effect.

Anger is neither good nor bad; it simply serves to alert someone that something is not right. It is most likely related to an experience or a series of experiences in which one felt compromised or violated. These could be current events or memories from one’s childhood.


If one takes a step back from their rage and considers when their gums bleed, they may notice a pattern. Certain things may occur just before one’s gums bleed in this location.

So this could be an external or internal event, or both, and then one’s gums begin to bleed. However, it may take some time to notice a pattern.

Under the Influence of Anger

Anger is up at the top, and it’s easy to get caught there. Feeling angry can provide a sensation of power and control. Getting in touch with the sensations that lie beneath the rage might make one feel vulnerable and powerless.

However, if one goes beyond their anger, they may experience grief, powerlessness, helplessness, and terror. These emotions may be associated with a point in one’s life when they felt violated or compromised in some way, with their needs and desires being ignored and denied.

Triggers in the Present

And because one’s emotional suffering from the past is still stuck in their body, their current satiations are provoking this unhealed pain. This grief also leads to the re-creation of events that represent how one feels on a deeper level.


As a result, it is critical to feel one’s anger and then move beyond it to feel the sensations that lie beneath the anger. This is a procedure that may necessitate the services of a therapist or healer.

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