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Dr Dr Zainab Rangwala

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Dr Zainab Rangwala is a Dental Surgeon practicing since 6 years. I am working as the Head of Media and PR at DentalReach-A leading digital dental magazine.

अमातुल्लाह डेंटल केयर एंड इम्प्लांट क्लिनिक is one of the leading dental clinics in Surat GJ. They provide all kinds of treatment, starting from teeth cleaning to advanced dental implants. They believe that every patient should experience दंत चिकित्सा in a pampered and pleasant environment. Their panel of experts calmly treat patients and provide painless treatment. Their dental clinic is well equipped with new technologies to ensure that each patient experiences treatment at ease. Their dentists in Surat have hands-on experience in using the latest technology and acquiring दंत चिकित्सा knowledge through continuous training programs. They strive to achieve each patient’s expectations by providing exceptional dental services.

ऑर्थोडॉन्टिक, Digital Dental X-Ray, Tooth Color Filling, Tooth Extraction, Crowns and Bridges, रूट केनाल Treatment, Implants, Removable Complete and Partial Dentures, Dental Sensitivity, Gum Disease, Children’s Dental Care, Sealants, Implant Overकृत्रिम दांतों की पंक्ति, Teeth Contouring, Whitening, Smile Makeovers, VENEERS, Braces & Teeth Jewellery

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