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Dr Hidayathulla Khan Dr Hidayathulla Khan

Dr Hidayathulla Khan

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Crescent Family Dental is the top rated dental office in Wheeling for all your dental care needs.

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Crescent Family Dental is the top dental office in Wheeling IL, highly rated as the most caring, gentle dentists. Patients get the one-on-one individualized care they’re looking for, in a relaxed atmosphere. Our dentists in Wheeling prioritize your comfort by making sure your experience is anxiety-free.

Whether you’re in need of a general exam or more specialized care, our dental office in Wheeling has you covered. We meet your needs by providing a variety of dental services including cosmetic procedures, restorative care, orthodontics, and preventative treatments. Bring your family to Crescent Family Dental for the ultimate patient experience with our dentists in Wheeling.