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दुबई में सर्वश्रेष्ठ डेंटल क्लिनिक

दुबई में सर्वश्रेष्ठ डेंटल क्लिनिक

Welcome to our dental clinic in Dubai. This state-of‑the-art facility provides a wide variety of services including cosmetic dentistry, General Dentistry, Orthodontics, Implantology, Sedation Dentistry, Periodontal Treatment, Sleep Apnea Therapy, and many more.

Our team consists of extremely skilled dentists who strive to provide you the best possible care. Together they work closely to ensure that every patient receives individualized attention and the highest quality of dental treatment.

The clinic is located at the top floor of SIT Tower, which is among the most prestigious buildings in दुबई. It offers convenient access to public transportation and easy parking facilities.

To learn more about our dental clinic, please call us today.

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Affordable Best Dental Clinic

We offer affordable dental services at our dental clinic. Our dental clinic offers ऑर्थोडॉन्टिक treatments, including braces, crowns, and veneers. If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to improve your smile, come see us.

If you live in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), please contact us for an appointment. We look foward to meeting you soon.

Our Services

We provide a full spectrum of dental services including routine appointments, cosmetic dentistry, implants, orthodontics and veneers. We also offer sedative treatments, laser procedures, periodonitis care and gum disease treatment

We’re located at SIT Tower in Dubai (DSO). To get in touch, please send an e-mail or call our office.

दांतों की सफाई

The best way to maintain good oral health is to brush your teeth twice daily with a fluoridated toothpaste. In addition, if you notice any stains or discolorations on your teeth, it might be time to visit our office so that we can provide you with a thorough cleaning. Our office offers a variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures that can make your smile shine again! We take great pride in providing high-quality dental care.

Gum Treatment

Gum disease is a serious condition that affects millions of people every year. It causes bleeding gums when brushing or floss­ing and it can lead to tooth loss if left untreated.

कांतिवर्द्धक दंत चिकित्सा

We provide our patients the highest quality dental care available today. From por­celain veneers, to crowns, bridges and implants, whitening treatments and much more.

We believe that everyone deserves the very best treatments available. Therefore, we chose to partner with some of today’s most innovative companies in the field of cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, laser dentistry, and dental implants.

We want patients to leave our clinic feeling confident about their smiles.

If you’d like to learn how to improve your smile by visiting our office, please give us a call today.

दंत्य प्रतिस्थापन

दंत प्रत्यारोपण is an artificial replacement for a lost tooth root. It consists of three components: an artificial root, an attachment mechanism (screw), and a crown. The root portion is inserted into the jawbone where the bone grows around it. The attachment mechanism holds the crown firmly in place.

The most common reason why people need implants is because they’ve lost a lot of bone due to gum recession. If you don’t address the issue, the tooth will eventually become infected and need to be removed.

There are various types of dental implants available. Some include immediate implants, which are placed immediately after tooth extraction; delayed implants, which are placed two weeks later; and transitional implants, which are placed four months later.

If you’d like to learn more about dental implants, please call our office today. We’ll set up an appointment for you to meet with one of our dentists.


Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that deals with the treatment of malocclusions (misalignment of teeth). It includes the diagnosis and management of conditions such as crowding (too close together), spacing (too far apart), overjet (overlapping front teeth), underjet (underlapping back teeth), protrusion (excessive tooth display), crossbite (incorrect bite relationship between two upper or lower incisors), diastema (gap between two adjacent teeth), and many others.

Orthodontics has three primary types of devices: Clear aligners, Damon brackets, and removable retainers.

Hollywood smiles

Smile confidently! Book your appointments today.

Our practice offers an enhanced dental care experience.

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Dental Emergency In Dubai

We provide critical care, comprehensive dentistry, and emergency dental services. Our emergency dental treatments are handled right away. We guarantee that you’ll receive prompt, effective, and affordable treatment. Call today for immediate assistance.

When should I go to see a dentist?

We know you’re busier than ever, but it’s important not to neglect your teeth. Checkups ensure your mouth stays healthy and prevents tooth decay. Early detection means no painful procedures later. And if problems do arise, we’ll be able to treat them before they get worse.

How often should you go to the dentist?

Get an exam and cleaning at least once every six months. Use fluoridated toothpaste and floss daily. If you notice any changes in the color of your teeth, sensitivity to hot or cool foods, or receding gum lines, get checked out right away!

If you experience any kind of pain in your mouth, don’t attempt to self-medicate. Call our office right away so we can help. You might end up making things worse.

How often should I go to a dental clinic near me?

To keep your teeth healthy, look up मेरे निकट दंत चिकित्सक. You’ll be able to learn about each dentist, their hours, and if they take insurance.

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Will I need to tell the dentist if I’ve had any health issues before?

When we’re asked about disclosing our health info to dentists, this question is important because it influences how we feel about getting treatment. There are some things we can do to protect ourselves if we don’t want to disclose any health info to the dentist.

To diagnose dental issues.

X-Ray machines are used to detect cavity, bone loss, and various other problems inside our teeth and jaws. They utilize radiation to create pictures of the interior of our mouth. In some instances, we may even be requested to hold still while the dental professional takes an x-ray picture. However, why do dentists take pictures? What does it imply? And just how safe are they? Here’s what we know!

A dental filling is a type of tooth restoration used to fill

दांतों में भराव करना is an amalgam restoration made out of silver, gold, tin, copper, zinc, mercury, and other metals. These fillings are designed to restore teeth damaged by decay, injury, or disease. दांतों की फिलिंग are placed directly into the decayed area of your teeth, restoring them back to health.

If tooth decay affects just one side of the mouth, it’s called unilateral decay. If it affects both sides of the mouth, it is called bilateral decay.

A dentist may detect early signs of tooth decay when they examine your mouth. They can then repair the damage by placing a dental restoration such as a crown, bridge, veneer, or denture. Dental restorations come in various forms including composite resin, porcellan, gold, silver amalg, glass ionomer cement and composite resins. Composite resin is strong and durable, porcelain is hard, and both are suitable for repairing small holes in your teeth.

When do we need to go to the dentist for a regular check up?

We know it‘s important to maintain good oral hygiene, but how often do we actually visit the dentist? If you rarely see the dental hygientist, there may be some serious issues going on inside your mouth. Here‘re just a few reasons why we might want to schedule regular appointments at the dentist.

1. Cavities

Tooth decay is a common problem among children and adults alike. While cavities are often associated with kids, they can occur at any age. They’re also not limited to just people who aren’t brushing regularly. To help keep your smile healthy, make sure you brush two times per day (morning and night) and floss every day. Fluoride toothpaste helps reduce the risk of developing cavities, so if you’re concerned about how much sugar you consume, switch to one with added fluoride.

2. Gum Disease

Gum disease is an inflammation of the gums caused by bacteria. When the gums become infected, they start to bleed and swell. You may notice a bad taste in your mouth and feel pain when chewing. Untreated gum disease can lead to tooth loss. Brushing and flossing regularly helps prevent gum disease.

3. Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is caused by bacteria which forms in your mouth. Food particles remaining stuck to your teeth provides shelter for harmful bacteria. Harmful bacteria can multiply rapidly in moist places such as your mouth, causing tooth decay. Regular brushing with fluoridated toothpaste and rinses with water help reduce the risk of tooth loss.

Will implant surgery hurt?

Dental implants look just like natural teeth. They’re made of titanium, which is very similar to human bone tissue. This means they can be used to replace lost teeth without requiring extensive reconstruction surgery.

The procedure involves implanting an artificial tooth into the jaw bone where there once was a root of a lost natural tooth. Afterwards, the gum heals around the implant and forms a new tooth. Sometimes patients need additional treatments such as crowns or bonding.

Are X-ray images safe for teeth?

The American Dental Assocation states that there is no evidence that X-Rays can lead to cancer. However, some people still worry about getting them. According to one survey, nearly 50% of Americans believe that X-Ray radiation causes cancer. While most experts agree that the risks of developing cancer from exposure are very small, you should consider how much benefit you get from having your teeth examined.

In order to avoid the risk of damaging teeth, dentists often take X-rays before they start work. They can then check these images later to see whether any damage has occurred. Dentists may also use intraoral digital radiography systems to take pictures of patients’ mouths without exposing them to harmful radiation. These devices produce images using light waves instead of x-rays.

Even though it isn’t radioactive, doesn’t that mean that it won’t hurt your body? Let’s take a look at what would happen if we exposed our bodies to different types radia­tion.

To ensure patient safety, we take several steps to ensure our patients’ safety.

We follow strict sterilization procedures to ensure safe working conditions. We take extra precautions to keep our patients and employees safe. Our facilities are kept clean regularly in order to maintain hygienic standards. We work hard so that we can meet the highest industry standards

If I have a dental emergency, where can I go for help?

If you’re in need of urgent dental care, please give us a call at +971 4239 632 2. We’d be glad to help!

Will teeth whitening be suitable for me?

दांत चमकाना can help make your smile brighter. Whether you’re interested in improving your smile for special occasions such as weddings or graduations, or if you just want to brighten your everyday life, दांत चमकाना may be right for you. Learn about the benefits of दांत चमकाना below, then decide whether it’s worth trying.

दांत चमकाना can be done quickly and easily without having to spend hours sitting under a dentist’s chair. To begin, brush your teeth thoroughly with a fluoride toothpaste. Then apply a small amount of gel directly onto your teeth. Let the gel sit on your teeth for 15–20 minutes before rinsing off with warm water. For best results, whiten your teeth every two weeks.

What makes teeth whitening work?

The exact mechanism behind tooth whitening isn’t completely known. Some theories suggest that the hydrogen peroxide interacts with the outermost layers of your teeth, causing them to become thinner. Other theories suggest that the hydrogen ions cause calcium hydroxide in your teeth to change color. Either way, the end result is whiter teeth.

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