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दांतों को चमकाने के उपाय

मेरे पास दंत चिकित्सक

We now live in a highly VANE society. Not only are we concerned with our general look, but also with the colour of our teeth! Everyone appears to desire to have the pearly, white, flawless grin of a movie star.

As a सामान्य दंत चिकित्सक who has been in practise for over 45 years, I’ve seen the दांत चमकाना trend grow, and the desire for a whiter smile has never been higher than it is today!

This public need for a flawless smile has turned into a financial boon for any दाँतों का डॉक्टर who can match these expectations. दांत चमकाना is one of the most recent and popular dental treatments today. Bleaching is a method of lightening or brightening the colour of your teeth by using chemical agents.

Most teeth stains and/or discolorations can be corrected using one of two whitening procedures. The first method is for treating vital teeth (teeth that are healthy and alive), while the second method is for treating non-vital or (dead teeth that have received रूट केनाल therapy).

Most anterior (front teeth) that have had रूट केनाल therapy discolour, darken, and become unsightly. The non-vital bleaching approach can be used to cure these discoloured teeth more effectively. Obviously, the important bleaching approach is frequently applied to treat vital teeth!

Treating non-vital teeth might be difficult since unattractive stains are frequently of the intrinsic variety ( embedded within the enamel surface).

On the market, there are several bleaching agents and products. They all have different prices, and their effectiveness should be carefully monitored. I’d like to believe that all of these items are safe for your teeth. Having said that, many of these bleaching products are NOT SAFE!

Concerns have been raised about their safety because manufacturers do not have or publish long-term safety evidence on the effect of their products on teeth.

The non-vital bleaching approach often entails a specialist applying a bleaching substance (दाँतों का डॉक्टर or one of his staff members). Although you can bleach crucial teeth on your own, better results are more likely if the treatment is supervised by a professional.

Most of the claims made by manufacturers, in my opinion, are substantially inflated. Consider this! Some say that their products would brighten your smile by 10 to 12 shades. This is not something I believe will ever happen. If you’re lucky, you might be able to brighten the colour 3 to 6 times.

You must keep in mind that any bleaching technique is only temporary and must be performed from time to time. Whether you opt to do it yourself, the results will undoubtedly be less predictable if you use bleaching agents in dental paste, tray treatments, or strips.

It’s also vital to remember that if you’re bleaching your own teeth at home, you must follow all of the directions. If you use too much and for too long, your teeth may become sensitive, and you may even damage your gum tissue as a result.

Keep in mind that not all patients are suitable for successful bleaching operations! If you have existing tooth-colored fillings in your anterior teeth that you want to bleach, the tooth structure around the fillings will change colour but the filling material will not.

When this occurs, the old tooth-colored fillings frequently appear darker than they did before to the bleaching operation.

You now have the option of replacing these fillings at an additional cost. A cost you did not anticipate. Of course, the दाँतों का डॉक्टर is delighted because he or she can reach into your wallet and extract even more of your hard-earned cash for replacing the old fillings.

Whether you decide to have a bleaching treatment done to improve your smile, get a professional opinion to determine if you are a good candidate and to find out what would be the best approach and most cost-effective manner for you to reach your expectations regarding a bleaching procedure.

This manner, the outcome may be better predicted, and you can be assured that your expectations will be satisfied and you will not be disappointed.

The level of lightening attained is largely dependent on the individual’s needs and the discolorations being treated. Teeth discoloured as a result of broad range antibiotic therapy (Tetracycline) would most likely be the most difficult issue for you or a professional to overcome.

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