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Top 5 Advantages of Root Canal Surgery

Here are Top 5 Advantages of Root Canal Surgery

Root canal surgery is considered as a root canal therapy or endodontic therapy. The objective of root canal therapy is to save the damaged pulp and the nerve in the root canal. There are various reasons that could lead to the root canal infection.

The most common reason is due to the decay of the tooth. Another common reason is the trauma of the tooth which is caused due to accidents and sports.

The tooth that has been treated with root canal surgery has been saved from the infection and pain. After the root canal surgery, the infected area is sealed with a filling material. The crown is restored and the tooth looks beautiful.

There are several benefits of root canal surgery. Some of the major advantages are mentioned below.

No More Pain

The infected tooth is removed from the jawbone and the nerve in the root canal is cleaned. Due to this, the tooth is no longer painful and it will not be affected by the cold and hot.

It Helps To Prevent Recurring Infection

If you have experienced the infection in your tooth, then it is recommended to have root canal surgery. The infection will be removed from the root canal and it will prevent further infections.

It Boosts Your Immune System

If you have an injured tooth and you don’t have any medical treatment, then it may lead to a serious condition called apical periodontitis. Root canal surgery will remove the infection from the tooth and it will boost your immune system.

It Is A Permanent Solution

After root canal surgery, the tooth will not decay, it will be strong and it will function for a long time.

There are also many risks of root canal surgery. Here, I will discuss the main risks of root canal surgery.


During the root canal surgery, the tooth is exposed and it will be subjected to extreme pressure. Therefore, the tooth may get tender and sore.

If the tooth is severely infected, then there may be a possibility of swelling in the surrounding tissues.

Fluid Retention

Root canal surgery may cause fluid retention. Therefore, you may face the problem of swelling and swelling of the cheeks and face.


In case of any complication or infection, then it may lead to further complications. Therefore, it is necessary to seek the professional help as soon as possible.


I hope that you found this article useful. The root canal surgery is one of the best dental treatments that will help you to save your tooth. So, if you have any question regarding root canal surgery, then you can share your doubts and concerns with the dental expert.

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