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What Kind of Braces Are Right for Me?

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Only a small percentage of people are born with a perfect smile. Underbites, overbites, and crooked teeth are all fairly common in today’s society. Most can also be corrected with dental braces. According to Humana, over four million people wear braces, with adults accounting for 25%.

If you fall into this category or are thinking about getting braces for your child, the more information you have, the better. A good place to start is determining which type of dental brace is best for you.

What Are the Various Kinds of Dental Braces?

There are numerous options for getting braces for your teeth in modern dentistry. Among the most common are:

Metal – This is the type of braces that most people envision when they hear the term. These traditional braces are made of high-quality stainless steel. An archwire is a piece of wire that is attached to brackets on the teeth to provide uniform pressure to shift them in the proper direction.

Ceramic braces
are similar to metal braces, except that all of the components are less visible. They use tooth-colored ceramic brackets instead of metal and a white wire, making these braces virtually invisible.

Lingual – Lingual braces are similar to traditional metal braces, but the brackets and wire are hidden on the inside of the teeth.

Clear Aligners
The patient wears a set of personalised plastic trays that shift the teeth into the desired position gradually. The aligners are nearly undetectable and more comfortable to wear because there are no metal elements to brush against the gums or inside the mouth.

Metal, ceramic, and lingual braces remain in place until they are removed by a dental professional. They will necessitate special care as well as some lifestyle changes. Clear aligners are easily removed. That means you can remove them while eating or brushing and flossing.

The key to selecting the best dental braces is to determine what works best for you.

What Types of Braces Are Best for You?

When it comes to braces, there are numerous factors to consider. It is critical to consult with your orthodontist or dentist about your options.

Each type of braces is not appropriate for everyone. Clear aligners, for example, are ideal for someone who only requires a minor or moderate adjustment. They are not appropriate for patients who have severely misaligned teeth. What factors should you consider when selecting braces?

Aesthetics Patients of all ages are concerned about how their braces will appear once they are in place. That is why modern options such as clear aligners have become so popular. If appearance is important to you, inquire about ceramic or lingual braces, as well as whether clear aligners are an option.

What is the Cost?

Braces are an investment, but some are more expensive than others. Lingual is the most expensive option because it necessitates custom brackets. Metal braces are likely to be the least expensive option for traditionally designed braces.

Let us assist you if you are still unsure about which type of braces are best for you. Make an appointment with one of our dentists at your nearest Ideal Dental office today.

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