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Why Dentists Don’t Let Patients Pull Out Their Wisdom Teeth

Why Dentists Don’t Let Patients Pull Out Their Wisdom Teeth

Do you remember when you were in school and you were told to bite on a piece of paper, which was folded in half and then the teacher said that you have to bite the paper till it was completely torn apart? Well, that was your first lesson in dental hygiene and you knew that if you had to do the same thing over and over again then you should do it right.

Similarly, if you want to know why dentists don’t allow patients to pull out their wisdom teeth all at once, then you must know the reason behind this. If you don’t understand why it is important for the teeth to stay where they are, then you can read this article.

The reason why dentists don’t let patients pull out their wisdom teeth all at once is that it could cause serious damage to the jawbone. When your wisdom teeth are still growing inside the jawbone, it is very hard to extract them because the jaws are very flexible and any pressure on the teeth will crack the bone.

Once the teeth have been extracted, it will take a long time for the bone to heal, which is why most dentists don’t allow it to happen. They also don’t recommend it to do it, as they want to keep the bones healthy and strong.

So, if you are worried about pulling out your wisdom teeth, then you need to keep the following things in mind:

Don’t pull out the tooth by yourself!

First of all, there is insufficient space for the alveolar bone, and the growth direction of the impacted wisdom tooth is atypical, which complicates the extraction. Each wisdom tooth is positioned differently. For instance, impacted wisdom teeth can be extracted with minimally invasive techniques. The root is deep. Due to limited space, it is difficult to remove completely. The ultrasonic bone knife divides the wisdom tooth into two pieces; the crown should be removed, while the root is cut in half and pulled out to prevent root fracture or neural tube damage.

Which wisdom teeth can be extracted simultaneously?

The majority of this type are located in the upper alveolar region, the extraction difficulty is low, the tooth has erupted, and it can be extracted without touching the adjacent tooth. The procedure is quick, and the upper and lower two teeth on the same side can be extracted simultaneously, leaving the opposite side for chewing. The food will recover after a week, and then the other two will be removed. If you have a better body and it is simple to remove, you can consider removing all of them.

If the body is poor, it is not advised to remove all of them. There will be postoperative complications such as restricted mouth opening, facial swelling, heavy bleeding, etc., which are not conducive to wound healing, and the risk of infection with dry socket is increased. Pull each separately. However, it is simple to remove. The duration of the entire process is two to three minutes without knocking. The discomfort is not obvious.

One-time removal is not a big problem. After 24 hours, you can gargle with a mouthwash, which contains anti-inflammatory and antibacterial chlorhexidine.

Why can’t the wisdom teeth be extracted simultaneously?

Different wisdom tooth shapes

In some instances, the tooth’s root is bowed and easily fractured during extraction. A small amount will be absorbed without difficulty. Leave it inside without any concern. If the residue is substantial, it must be dislodged and eliminated. Otherwise, it will infect the wound and hinder alveolar bone reconstruction.

High risk of expulsion

Some unique wisdom teeth are in close proximity to the neural tube. The procedure is complicated. It is possible to withdraw in less than two hours. If the force is excessive, the nerve tube will be damaged and the lower lip will become numb. In severe cases, the neural tube will be ruptured and the temporomandibular joint will become sore.

Obvious difficulties

Some patients desire to have all four wisdom teeth extracted at once, but this must be based on the actual situation, particularly the length of the wisdom teeth. They worry that you will be unable to hold them. If the extraction is difficult, mouth opening will be difficult. Even without food, trauma recovery will be slower.

Therefore, if the wisdom teeth are not easily extracted, they cannot be extracted all at once. It is better to do what you can to recover more quickly.


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