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Why Don’t Dentists Like Medicaid

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Many dentists who responded to a survey by The Wealthy Dentist are reluctant to accept Medicaid patients because Medicaid generally pays only half of what private insurance pays for the same procedures. In addition, these dentists believe that Medicaid doesn’t cover enough dental services. In this survey, we asked dentists if they accept Medicaid. Two-thirds of the dentists surveyed revealed that they do not accept Medicaid payments.

These feelings and perceptions created strong barriers, which discouraged some families from using dental services for their children completely. Another participant said: “When they do that to you, it makes you have low self-esteem and makes you never want to return to them again. We want our patients to always feel comfortable and comfortable when they visit us, especially when it comes to payments. At our office, you don’t have to worry if Medicaid doesn’t cover you or if you don’t have insurance.

We accept cash, credit cards, CareCredit, TRICARE, State Child Health Programs (SCHIP), Medicaid, all major insurance, and state-specific coverage policies. MOST dentists are enrolled in Medicaid, but do not accept patients because it is better to be already enrolled if the need arises (enrollment takes MONTHS). Therefore, they are probably already enrolled and do not want to take anyone because if they do, Medicid can say very well, now it can take these other 400 patients. And, it goes without saying that Medicaid doesn’t pay you the fair cost of your work and materials.

According to Medicare, “I don’t know if dentistry is included,” he said. It’s not. I’d stand on one leg. Many dentists are reluctant to participate in the government program because they usually pay only half of what they receive from privately insured patients.

Even in states that offer dental benefits for poor adults, Medicaid patients often have trouble getting appointments because most dentists don’t accept Medicaid patients or limit the number of Medicaid appointments they will schedule. When she was told that Salud plans to add a dentist to her clinic in Fort Collins later this winter, Tiffany Rickman, 23, was elated. With the different approaches that The Wealthy Dentist has given me, I was able to increase the number of new patients to 41 per month. The division between dentistry and the rest of medicine dates back to the roots of the dental profession as a branch of hairdressing.

I have called every dentist in my network and the dentist or one of his employees has rejected, humiliated and intimidated and mocked me. I took out the book, the phone book, and I consulted 10 to 15 dentists and nobody wanted to take Medicaid. Kool Smiles official partner dentists provide preventive care, diagnostic imaging, and a full range of restorative care supported by electronic medical records. Participants blamed office staff more than dentists for most of the barriers associated with Medicaid-related stigma.

Eight counties in Colorado lack dentists and seven more don’t have a private dentist that accepts Medicaid or a safety net clinic that offers dental services, according to the study. My original plan was to find a dentist who accepted medicaid who could at least bill for x-rays and fillings and pay for sedation out of pocket. If caregivers were able to locate a dentist who accepted Medicaid, they faced the next major hurdle: scheduling appointments. They complained of feeling “powerless and reluctant to complain about the practices and policies of the dental office or dentist, for fear of reprisals in the form of being abandoned as patients.


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