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Single Dental Implants for a Missing Tooth or Teeth

Teeth are lost as a result of injury or disease. Trauma can occur as a result of an accident or from excessive biting forces. Disease is generally defined as tooth decay or periodontal disease [gum disease], but there are other categories that can result in tooth loss, such as cancer and various neoplasms of the jaw. Accord...

Acid Attack – Are Your Teeth In Danger?

Your teeth could be in jeopardy. Did you know that eating and drinking acidic foods and drinks might cause acid erosion of your teeth? When your tooth enamel is damaged by acid contact, it becomes weakened and more readily worn away, even by brushing your teeth! If you have a habit of grinding your teeth at sleep, you can q...

Teeth Whitening – Understanding the Pros and the Cons

Dental experts employ a variety of whitening techniques. All of those are quite pricey. Insurance companies appear to feel that if we don't like our teeth as they are, we can easily get dentures or drink our meals via a straw. Insurance companies consider teeth whitening and many other dental operations to be cosmetic, and...

Why Bullying Might Be Linked to Teeth Grinding

With the prominence of social media and the pressure on youngsters to mature faster these days, it's never been more difficult to be a child. A new study has discovered that children who grind their teeth may be bullied. Teeth grinding, it appears, is a warning that parents should be aware of and that could assist call atte...

How To Think About Your Teeth

I'm sure you've heard the adage, "A word to the wise is plenty." That is why I am speaking to you about your teeth today. I understand that most people prefer not to talk about or even think about their teeth; yet, teeth are crucial. As you are no doubt aware, the natural teeth you currently have in your mouth are the only...

Teeth and Your Child

Dentist Samuel Dreizen argues in The Journal of School Health that the prevalence of tooth disease in what is presumably the best nourished nation in the world today "stutters the mind. In this country, less than 5% of the school-age popula...

Brushing Teeth Tips For a Bacterial Brush-Off

Brushing one's teeth in ancient times must have required a certain amount of bravery. You would wash your teeth with shredded tooth twigs if you lived as an ancient Egyptian. In 15th century China, you could have deviated from the woody path and begun employing boar's hair bristles attached to ivory or bamboo handles. If yo...